Good Food Australia, 14 September, 2020

"The co-founder of animal protection institute Voiceless, Ondine Sherman, shares advice from her new book, Vegan Living, on how to live a healthy plant-based life."

September 2020 Pantera Press


A simple guide to a cruelty-free, healthy, plant-based life.

Whether you’re already partially vegan, a vegetarian, or someone looking to make positive lifestyle changes, this book provides effective tools so you can move forward in the healthiest way possible. It also features answers to common questions about making the switch.

Learn how to tweak your lifestyle and achieve real-world impact. With small steps towards sustainability, you ...

July 2019 Pantera Press


Snow - book two in the Animal Allies Series.


Sometimes you have to leave everything behind to find yourself.


Sky is travelling to Alaska to meet her father for the first time. Far away from her friends back in Australia, she navigates the new relationship with her father and meets Jaxon, a local boy struggling with his own problems. In a cold, vast and ...


April  2019 Pantera Press


Sky - book one in the Animal Allies Series

Friendship can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

After her mother’s death, Sky leaves her city life to move in with her aunt and uncle in a small Australian town. Life in a new place isn’t easy, and Sky finds comfort in the friendship of a stray dog she meets along the way.
But her new friends at school are another story, and as Sky struggles to fit in, she finds herself doing things...


2013, Allen & Unwin

The miracle of LOVE



When her daughter was a toddler, Ondine Sherman felt like her life was complete. She was married to a man she adored, had a loving extended family and was living her dream of doing things for animals having set up the animal advocacy organisation, Voiceless.

Delighted to find she was pregnant again, she was shocked to find out ...

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