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Miracle of Love

2013, Allen & Unwin

When her daughter was a toddler, Ondine Sherman felt like her life was complete. She was married to a man she adored, had a loving extended family and was living her dream of doing things for animals having set up the animal advocacy organisation, Voiceless. Delighted to find she was pregnant again, she was shocked to find out she was having twins. But never in her wildest dreams could she have envisaged the heartache to come when her twin sons, Dov and Lev, were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that meant they might never walk or talk.

Miracle of Love is Ondine’s story of the rollercoaster ride she experienced as doctors tried to work out why her beloved boys weren’t meeting the normal milestones. It is also an intimate account of her spiritual journey as she deals with her sons’ condition, which ultimately leads to acceptance, love, meaning and a new understanding of ‘miracles’.

A great virtue of this brave book is Sherman’s unflinching frankness in probing her complex responses to trauma.”

 The Australian, August 31, 2013.

“This book is a gift to anyone who’s had their life change unexpectedly and to everyone who’s watched from the sidelines wondering how on earth to help. I’m in awe.”

– Mia Freedman, Mamamia Womens Network


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