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September, 2020, Pantera Press

Star- book three in the Animal Allies Series


Your heart will never lead you astray.

Sky’s aunt and uncle are expecting a baby, her boyfriend Oliver seems more interested in their YouTube channel than in talking, her father is settling into life in West Creek, and her best friend Lucy is in a new relationship. The problem is, Sky is still trying to work out where she fits in.

When she learns about an animal cruelty situation close to home, Sky is desperate to help. She travels to an animal rights conference where, surrounded by people who share her beliefs, she finally feels like she belongs.

But when she’s asked to take her activism to a new level, Sky starts to question what doing the right thing really means. She’s spent so long searching for her people. Will she risk losing them?


I've read the Animal Allies series and never knew there could be such a perfect book for me! As soon as your 3rd book, Star, came out I bought it on my kindle and read it! I've always loved animals just like Sky...I loved the characters you've made in your book. they're described so well and if I've actually met them before! Chloe, young reader from Australia

I have absolutely loved this series and have read each book over and over! These books have inspired me a lot and made me think deeper about what actually happens in the world and what I can do to hep prevent some of it. But mainly I wanted to thank you for making these books because I have truly adored them and can't wait to read any more in this series that may come out in the future. –  message via Instagram

I have finished reading teh three books Sky, Snow and Star. They were amazing! It inspired me to think further into what actually happens and what we can do to help - message from @body_care_by_cubby via Instagram

I am writing to you to tell you how much I loved all three books - in fact, it is my favourite series that I have ever read. I loved how you portrayed Sky as a character and how descriptive the books were. My favourite character in the series was Lucy. This is because she is kind, supportive and not judgemental. My favourite part of the series was when Sky found Chirp and took him home. I liked this part because it was very descriptive and engaging, I didn’t want to stop reading! - G.D. Year 7 student, Australia

After reading the first one I was desperate to get my hands on the next two. I enjoyed hearing Sky’s journey and felt that she was a relatable character. A lot of characters that you see at the moment are one dimension, they can do no wrong or are completely evil. Unlike your books in which every character was different with a separate, interesting personality.  - L, Australia


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