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Campfire for a Woman's Heart

2023, Big Sky Publishing

Stories of Resilience from Inspirational Women

Chapter 17, Ondine Sherman, The Miracle of Love, Rising to my unexpected challenges as a mother.

What does a mother from war-torn Ukraine, a survivor of the Port Arthur massacre and a former First Lady of Timor Leste have in common?
Resilience and relentless determination to rise despite devastation and challenges.
Sitting around a metaphoric campfire, women share how they have overcome their worst nightmares – the tragic loss of their children, the coalface of war, Taliban terror, homelessness, violence, illegal imprisonment, disease, divorce, injuries, and more.
While most storytellers are unknown heroes of their personal journeys, others are well-known champions of resilience, including Dr Lucy Hone who opens the book with a foreword, Margaret Cunneen SC, Liesl Tesch AM MP, Dr Kay Danes OAM, Dr Kirsty Sword Gusmao AM and Kobe Steel AM.

Campfire for a Women’s Heart is the second book in the inspirational Campfire for the Heart series. The stories stretch your perception of resilience, restore your pride in humanity and illuminate pathways to happiness for us all


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