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July 18. 2019


My new book Snow (the sequel to Sky) is out!

Love this review by Better Reading:

“Hopeful, Thoughtful and Uplifting: Review of Snow by Ondine Sherman.

Snow is the second instalment in the Animal Allies series by Australian author Ondine Sherman and if you loved Sky, the first in the series, you won’t be disappointed with this new offering…

This is a wonderful series that not only explores issues around animal welfare but also standing up for your values, the importance of family and trust and loyalty to those you love. Ondine Sherman also manages to tell a compelling coming of age story and teens will be able to relate to the issues around friendships and relationships with parents. Many books for teens explore dark issues and while this series does place Sky in difficult circumstances the plots are hopeful and thoughtful and ultimately uplifting. They are also relatively fast paced so should hold the attention of teens who have so many other options vying for their attention.”

Read more here –…/hopeful-thoughtful-and-…/


For those keen to purchase – it’s available at all your fave bookstores and via

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