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Interview with Balance by Deborah Hutton

Publication: Balance Team

"This week, Ondine Sherman tells us about her book The Miracle of Love, how she copes with the day to day and her quest to give a voice to the voiceless.

Ondine Sherman’s first book, The Miracle of Love – A Mother’s Story of Grief, Hope and Acceptance, was published in 2013 and is an intimate account of her experiences as the mother of beautiful identical twin boys who have who have a rare genetic disorder. Ondine’s journey with her boys has ultimately led to love, hope and acceptance.

A snippet about Ondine Sherman: Ondine is a life-long animal advocate, and is passionate about promoting respect and compassion for all creatures. In 2004, she and her father, Brian Sherman AM, founded Voiceless; the organisation is now one of Australia’s leading animal protection groups. And Ondine’s social-media platform, Franimals, has become a popular community for animal-loving teens across the globe.

Ondine grew up in Sydney and now lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and three children.

In 2017 Ondine released her second book, a teen fiction story, Sky, and is currently finalising book 2 in the Sky series."

Watch the interview at Balance by Deborah Hutton here


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