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Interview with Principle of Charity podcast

Fat Pig Farm owner and author Matthew Evans and vegan animal advocate Ondine Sherman of Voiceless join us to discuss whether it’s moral to eat meat.

How are we to make sense of the incredibly complex topic of meat. First of all, is it right to take a sentient life?

What about our evolution, our nature, our culture, and our taste-buds, all powerful forces that drive most of us to eat meat?

Each year over 70 billion land animals and a trillion sea animals are killed for food. The vast majority of land animals live in factory farms.

Have we, as a society, sanctioned the way these animals are raised for our consumption? Do we even know what goes on behind those walls?

We look at all of this, plus questions like: Can we live healthy lives without meat? How does the raising of animals impact the environment and climate change? What about the huge numbers of animals that are killed growing crops?

And what about free range; can we feed the world’s growing billions that way, at an affordable price?

At the core of all of this, however, are the animals, whose experiences we are only starting to understand. We hold their lives in our hands. Have we fully reckoned with that responsibility?

Our guests are Matthew Evans and Ondine Sherman. Matthew is a television presenter and author of the ethical meat eating manifesto “On Eating Meat”. Matthew runs Fat Pig Farm in Tasmania, and sees eating animals, reared humanely, as a key part of our diet. Ondine is managing director of Voiceless, the animal protection institute. Her latest book “Vegan Living” is out now.

Your hosts are Lloyd Vogelman and Emile Sherman.

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