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Blog: Latest reviews of Sky - only 28 days until it's officially out!

Ondine Sherman’s novel Sky takes readers on a roller coaster of emotions that leaves them rooting for justice to prevail over unfair social norms time and again. It offers a good lesson for us all that kindness toward others—including those who don’t reciprocate it—makes us all better off.”

Paul Shapiro, Vice President of Policy at

The Humane Society of the United States.

What a wonderful book. All who read Ondine’s book will fall in love with chickens.”

Emma Haswell, Founder of Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Sky is a beautifully moving book about a young Australian girl who although faced with difficult circumstances, finds her voice and learns to speak up for herself and those who cannot speak for themselves.

Asha Mortel, 17yrs, Brisbane, Australia.

Sky takes us on a journey that transcends the (currently) dominant perception that other animals are merely commodities or resources, offering anyone with the fortune to pick up this book a change to re-imagine and re-create a kinder world for all.”

Alex Vince, Animal Liberation NSW.

A fantastic read. Highly recommend it for teenagers and teenagers-at-heart.”

Kathy Divine, Editor of Australian Vegans Magazine.

Sky is a very well-written book with an interesting heroine and a great story. Sky touches on issues common to all teenagers, so you don’t have to be vegan or into animal rights to get a lot out of it.”

Ethan, 15yrs, Sydney, Australia


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