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Book Bloggers reviews: SKY

It is immensely wonderful, satisfying, awesome to see the new edition of my book, Sky, being read and enjoyed.

A huge thanks to all the bloggers and Instagrammers for their honest reviews.

A few highlights:

I love the characters in this book. They're all so wonderfully described and even the writing itself is amazing - Jessiehulk's Books

It was a real page-turner, and really clutched at my heart-strings at times - Flaming Serotonin

As I approached the ending of Sky, I desperately hoped that this wouldn’t be the end of her story, and I’m thrilled that we have a sequel coming this August! *happy dances* - Brooklyn the Bookworm

The themes of animal protection and advocacy were gentle and wonderfully informative - Diva Booknerd

If you worried the issues discussed may be on the heavy side. Sherman has the right touch - Thoughts by Tash

I adored our main character Sky and the massive change that she undergoes throughout the book - Jessica's Bookworld

In young adult books, it is so important to consider new views and I feel like this book did it in a positive way - Belle of the Books

Here are links to some of the other reviews I've seen:


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