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Vegan Living extract: How to eat well and stay healthy on a vegan diet

This extract from Vegan Living was published in Good Food Australia on 11 September 2020

The co-founder of animal protection institute Voiceless, Ondine Sherman, shares advice from her new book, Vegan Living, on how to live a healthy plant-based life.

Going vegan, despite the effort, is a joyful and positive culinary experience. Yes, changing your tastes and eating habits can be hard, especially letting go of a few beloved dishes, but it is extremely rewarding. Here I want to give you a few key tips that will make sure your change to veganism is nourishing, healthy and easy.

Eating well

Begin your journey in the healthiest way possible by adding nutritious delicious foods rather than narrowing your diet or increasing processed junk. Abundance is the ticket. After all, there are reportedly more than 70,000 edible plants to choose from. This is an opportunity for dietary expansion (rather than scarcity) and you will be surprised and delighted by the new tastes, textures, exotic ingredients and even sweets that will make you swoon. The best way to do this is to ...

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