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May 26, 2013

Ondine Sherman, animal rights advocate and mother of disabled twins

In her early thirties Ondine Sherman's life was happily on course. She had built up the animal rights group Voiceless, she'd married, travelled the world and had a daughter.

But life changed for Ondine and her husband Dror after the birth of their identical twin boys, Dov and Lev.

At around the age of six months, they were failing to meet some important developmental milestones. The long difficult road to diagnosis ended in shock for the entire Sherman family.

Ondine has written about her journey in a new book

Review: Article in Better Reading

July 18, 2019

My new book Snow (the sequel to Sky) is out today!

Love this review by Better Reading:

"Hopeful, Thoughtful and Uplifting: Review of Snow by Ondine Sherman.

Reviews: new edition of SKY

May 10, 2019

It's immensely wonderful, satisfying, awesome to see the new edition of my book, Sky, being read and enjoyed.

Thank you to Better Reading for the review of my book.

And huge thanks to all the bloggers and Instagrammers for their honest reviews.

Sky and Snow - Animal Allies series for young adults.

February 12, 2019

In 2019, my Animal Allies Series will be published by Pantera Press.

The books follow Sky, a deeply thoughtful animal-lover who is forced to make hard decisions about what she considers right and wrong.

Sky has been re-jacketed with a beautiful new cover and is re-launching this April. The sequel, Snow (set under Alaska's magical winter northern lights) is out in July 2019.

Blog: Choosing vegan shoes or handbags

March 14, 2018

When we make a commitment to reduce or eliminate the use of animal products in our day-to-day lives, we realize that our habits and behaviors require an acute consciousness that we may not had adopted to such an extent in the past. Suddenly, our attention diverts away from our diet and we begin to ask questions about everyday things that surround us.

February 23, 2018

There’s a growing discussion arising among veg*ans, and it’s causing quite some controversy.

Many of us who are vegetarian or vegan (veg*an) are concerned about animal welfare and want to end cruel industries such as factory farming. . And, many of us, like me, have also adopted pets of our own and strive to provide them with a long, healthy and happy life.

Blog: Vegan food around the world

March 23, 2019

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding our need to reduce our usage of animal products and it’s truly been heart-warming to see so many people advocate for this cause. It seems as though 2018 is the year of the vegan movement!

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